Why do Asian escorts age so well?

Why do Asian women age so well? Let our Asian escorts enlighten you

Try saying that after a few beers! What is it exactly that makes these women age so well? You have to admit that they look fantastic into their 50s right? Is it their diet? Is it their lifestyle, or is it just in their genetic makeup? It comes as no surprise that Asian escorts look so good!

The environmental influence and diet

This can never be understated. Today we live in a world where our lifestyle really does dictate how we age. Our bodies are put under enormous stress and strain, and many of us feed our bodies with foods and supplements that do more harm than good. This is predominantly a Western influence of course. The “fast food generation” however, has been slowly spreading east for a long time now and it’s well and truly established in many Asian cultures.

Smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, and numerous other influences are also to blame for premature aging of the skin. So it goes without saying that when you live in an environment that promotes all these things, you will undoubtedly suffer the consequences in your appearance. But this doesn’t really go that far in explaining the youthful appearance of these fine looking Asian escorts does it?

Going briefly back to diet for a moment, it’s not just fast food. It may surprise you to learn that a massive 80% of South East Asian’s are actually lactose intolerant. So perhaps the omission of a number of dairy products from their diet, also has quite an influence on their appearance. Even though Asian escorts in London eat out a lot (particularly the high class girls), they come from a long line of people who know how to eat correctly. Drinking less coffee, eating less fatty food and more leafy vegetables etc. is also a contributing factor when it comes to aging; and having a good diet when you’re young is a great foundation for the rest of your life of course.

Is it just youth?

Well, we could also argue that the majority of Asian escorts in London are young. Indeed, all young London escorts are remarkably beautiful in most cases. However, when the European girls start to get a little older, the late nights, along with the smoking and drinking culture they’ve been exposed to, really does catch up with them in a far greater way than it does Asian escorts.


It might surprise you to learn that there is a school of thought that considers the weather to be quite a deciding factor in this debate. We believe it has some credence too of course. When you consider that in most Asian countries people have been exposed to sunny environments for centuries, they’ve built up a certain resilience to aging and the effects of the sun. In the west (in particular the UK!) people live in some quite dark and dismal light, then they’re suddenly exposed to sunlight that their skin isn’t really used to dealing with.

Mind you. It doesn’t really matter why they look so good does it? The fact remains that they do! Book yourself one of our stunning Asian escorts today and have some fun…

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