Why Asian Escorts In London Are Busier Than Ever.

We’ve been in business for almost 10 years. We are always busy, but 2018 could be a record year, not only for the sheer number of clients we have seen but also for the diversity of clients and services provided.

We are seeing more women and couples, and people are visiting us for more than just sex. We get bookings for dinner-dates (no sex required), companionship to events, such as the theatre and conferences, and even “therapy” sessions, where we just chat, and maybe offer a massage.

The experience of a no-strings-attached intimacy with another human being is trending – big time.

The fact that recording artist Lily Allen came out and admitted to sleeping with female escorts, made it OK for a lot of women.

In terms of female clients, F4F bookings have increased by approx. 20% in 2017. They’re definitely not so much of a rarity compared to male clients.

We get a handful of female clients every month, although, for the most part, the Asian escort industry is set up to cater towards men who are attracted to women, rather than women who want to explore their attractions and desires.

Clients, men, and women, visit escorts to have their emotional needs met in ways they don’t feel they are in their primary relationships, or they don’t have a meaningful relationship at all.

Remember intimacy, whether it involved sex or not, is a legitimate need.

There’s no reason to be desperate. Meet a beautiful, young Japanese or Korean girl today.

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