When Escorts & Clients Fall In Love.

A conversation between some of the escorts at Sexy Asian Girls this week, revealed that the number of escorts and clients who meet, fall in love and end up living a ‘normal’ life together is much higher and more widespread than we initially thought. Earlier this year a former Sexy Asian Girls escort married her former client in London – it was a lovely wedding and the couple are planning to start a family soon.  The couple in question met as escort and client four years ago and maintained a ‘professional’ relationship for two years, meeting every month, sometimes every week.  One of the girls recalled another escort who had married a client a couple of years earlier and, before we knew it, we had compiled a mental list of other escort-client relationships that had ended in marriage or long-term partnership. We contacted other Oriental Girlfriend Red Star agencies – Young Asian Escorts, Young Oriental Escorts, Asian Angels and Asian Playmate – and a similar theme began to emerge.  In the past half-a-dozen years or so, we reckon there have been six marriages and thirteen long term relationships. So we decided to capture this wonderfully romantic story in an info-graphic. Feel free to share with anyone who may be interested.

Untitled Infographic
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