There Should Be More Korean food in London.

This is a declaration friends and we know that if you have a passion for Korean girls then you will more than likely appreciate Korean food; well that’s our logic anyway. We found a great article about Korean food online and we wanted to share a little of its insight…

As you know we have extensive knowledge of most things Asian, but Korean food isn’t as widely available in London as Thai and Chinese cuisine. This is a shame because Korean food really is quite unique in so many ways. It’s not easy to name many Korean restaurants in London, but there are a few good ones if you look close enough. You may remember us mentioning Bibigo Soho Bar and Dining in the last blog post with a couple of others; these are wonderful places that are sure to impress you and any young Korean escorts you take with you of course.

What characterises Korean food?

Well like much Asian cuisine there’s quite a bit of rice involved, but on top of this, classic and truly traditional Korean food is often served with a vast variety of side dishes. Legumes, soya beans, okara, mung beans, azuki beans are all widely used and have been for centuries. Most of the dishes are regionally based like a lot of Asian cuisine, but a select few of these regional specialities have become National favourites.

What Judy Joo is doing with Jinjuu in Soho?

Judy Joo is bringing Korean food back into fashion in a big way; in much the same way as Korean culture (including music and film) is sweeping across to the West. Whilst she has decided to make this place very trendy indeed,, serving cocktails and the like, she has also remained true to Korean culture and cuisine with signature classics like bibimbap, a meat and rice dish with vegetables and a fried egg, served with a delightful gochujang sauce. We have also never tasted Korean fried chicken anywhere in London that’s as good as Judy Joo conjures from her kitchen; this just has to be tasted to believe and will ensure you never eat that ridiculous Kentucky Fried Chicken ever again!

Do take some company

You will certainly look the part in Judy Joo’s Soho restaurant if you take one of the best Korean escorts London has to offer with you.  Walking into the place with one of our girls on your arm will turn some heads and certainly make for a wonderful evening of stimulating conversation and flirtatious behaviour!  Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and do tell us how you got on!

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