The Rise Of The Part Time Escort.

It is claimed that 30% of escorts balance sex work with a civilian job. Here at Sexy Asian Girls, however, over half of all escorts work multiple jobs, many balancing professional careers with sex work.

We have trainee doctors and lawyers, interns, managers, retail assistants, office workers, all working in so-called “normal” jobs from 9-5. After hours, they’re Asian escorts in London.

Two of our newest girls, for example, have two jobs: by day they work in one of London’s well-known department store’s top-selling cosmetics. But by night they are self-employed escorts.

These dual professions are not unusual, because escorting – one of the oldest profession in the world (2400 BCE is the earliest time sex work appeared on record) – is more popular than ever.

The number of applications we receive from Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls wanting to work as part-time escorts in London, has risen dramatically. In the last three years, we have experienced a 100% year-on-year growth in job inquiries.

Also, a growing trend among young escorts is the rise in social media escort profiles. On Instagram, for example, you will find many young women with #courtesans (or ‘luxury companions’ in their bios). Many of these women, also balance professional careers with sex work.

For most Asian escorts in London, dual professions is a good lifestyle. The girls who work here can save money and run it as a legitimate business and are also happy with their choices.

And we are not alone; there must be tens of thousands of women out there like us who lead a double life. We have met escorts from all walks of life; some are funding a degree, one works as a nurse, another is a trainee accountant.

If you want to meet a part-time, sexy, intelligent, fun loving Asian escort in London, view our girls and make a booking. You will be very happy you did.

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