The Latest And Greatest Restaurants From Our Chinese London Escorts

If you want to know where to eat in London, then you ask an escort. More specifically in this case, you ask Chinese London escorts!

Yes, we’ve been asking the girls about their dates again. No, don’t worry, no details about you, just where they’ve been and how good it was. Today our Chinese London escorts are going to offer their insight yet again, and hopefully give you a few more ideas about just where you can take your date for dinner; whether she’s an escort or not!

  • Singapore Garden – 83 Fairfax Road. Yes, we’re bound to start with an Asian restaurant. Well, these are Chinese London escorts you know, so most of them do have a preference for Chinese food! Singapore Garden is a good choice if you want quality food for an affordable price. The coconut soup and pork satay are among the many favourites enjoyed by our girls apparently.
  • Typing Room – Town Hall Hotel, Patriots Square. This is what they like to call “modernist” cooking. We would have to agree too. Our Chinese London escorts have been here a few times and they all also agree when we say that some of the dishes here look as though they should be presented as works of art, rather than culinary masterpieces. Because that’s what they are really, when you actually stop admiring them and eat them! Take a look at the website and see for yourself. We will tell you that the food is great, but it’s very pricy!
  • Boqueria – 192 Acre Lane. Spanish Tapas in Brixton. And although this might seem like simply, easy to create food, it’s the taste that counts really. This place is actually one of London Timeout’s top 100 restaurants too, so it can’t be bad can it? Especially when you consider the number of restaurants in London! It’s the perfect place for a light bite for lunch, or for a very intimate, sharing dinner, perhaps with one of our Chinese London escorts?

So, that’s their top three pick for this week. There are new places opening up all the time in London of course, so you’ll no doubt be hearing more from us in the future. In the meantime, do try these places out. If our Chinese London escorts know anything else other than escorting, restaurants has to rank up there on the top of the list right?

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