The Importance Of Being English With Asian Escorts

Learning English helps the girls with their escorting career, this much is true, but just how important is it to you, an escort hobbyist, that your Asian escorts speak good English? Is it important at all?

The vast majority of Asian escorts are over here in London because they like it here. They love the lifestyle that being an escort affords them, they love the sights and the sounds of the city and they love the people they meet. However, there are a number of Asian escorts who are over here to improve their English skills too.

Building confidence

For Asian escorts it’s all about being able to communicate in country other than their own. Just think about it from your own perspective for a moment. Let’s say you go on a jaunt to Japan or China and you don’t know the language. Just going out for a bite to eat is going to be challenging and you’re going to be at a disadvantage. This is sure to take away some of your confidence because you are having to rely on and trust others to ensure you get what you need. This is how it is for an Asian escort when she arrives in London. She may well have a network of other escorts who she knows and can talk to, but she’s unable to get out on her own to explore until she feels confident enough. London can be a scary place to a stranger.

Making an effort with your escort

Most clients don’t worry about an Asian escort’s ability to speak English well, this much is a fact. After all, in the majority of cases they’re probably booked an hour’s incall appointment. This is hardly going to require a lot of English language skill on the part of the escort, is it?

But you should try if you can to communicate with your escort, whether you’re with her for an hour or the entire night. This way she’ll get better and better and she will really appreciate it. And don’t worry about correcting her either when she talks to you, this is actually what she wants. We’re sure you’ve come across a number of Asians that have actually asked you if what they are saying is correct. Don’t simply dismiss them and say yes because you can’t be bothered; help out a bit! Whilst it may not be important for you, being English (or as close to English as possible) is very important to Asian escorts.

Not all Asian escorts are learning!

There are loads of Asian escorts that speak excellent English by the way, we just thought we should make that clear to you. So if it’s the look of an Asian girl you love, but you don’t want any language barriers, all you have to do is make a little list of the girls you like the most, give us a call and we’ll give you an indication of their language skills. We realise that an extended booking, dinner date, or an overnight is no fun if you can’t talk to your companion!

We’re not asking you to teach English, just speak it!

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