So how do they enjoy themselves in North Korea?

The resounding answer to this we hear you all shout, is of course “they don’t!”

In the DPRK (Diplomatic People’s Republic of Korea) they’re a long way off from the South Korean custom of self-criticism, we’re sure you’ll agree. An interesting article in the Guardian reveals the very specific times those poor Northerners get to sample a drop of booze, and it’s not that often. Apparently most of them rarely get to taste it and the good stuff is only ever distributed on the birthdays of their leader Kim Jong-Un. Seems such a shame when there are girls like our Korean escorts to party with all night long!

However, according to the Guardian there appears to be a “private” supply of booze on the go and also those naughty North Koreans have developed quite a taste for moonshine. It’s inevitable that an oppressive society will eventually push people to get what they need from rarer and illegal sources. However, they do like to imbibe and there are a growing number of bars and microbrew bars popping up here and there. According to the Guardian, it’s also not entirely unlikely for a guitar or two to be picked out of nowhere when the booze gets flowing.

After reading the article in The Guardian, and then watching this video there is a slight contradiction. We would imagine that the DPRK would rather we and their citizens adhere to this video!

So it would seem that even the DPRK can’t resist the tide of Western influence. Drinking, guitar playing, smoking and even a steady flow of crystal meth seem to be “polluting” the glorious republic! Tell us, is it the taboo nature of the North that attracts you to the Korean escorts London have a plentiful supply of, or is it the South? Answers on a postcard please in the usual fashion…

In the meantime, why not sample some Korean culture from our girls?

And to anyone who understands – Eumjugamu!

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