Shedding Light on the Myths About People Who Have Sex With Escorts.

Nothing irritates us more than untruths hyped as fact. It’s time to expose reality by changing outdated perceptions of people who have sex with escorts.

Myth: People who have sex with escorts are bad or dishonest.

Fact: Not all people who see escorts are cheating. And not all people who cheat are bad. And not everyone cheats because they’re unhappy with their partner. There are many other reasons why people cheat, and many reasons why people see escorts. You might see an escort purely for self-exploration. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person or don’t love your partner. You just want to have an adventure with someone other than them.

Myth: Men are wired to have a lot of sex, women to be monogamous. It’s mostly men who see escorts.

Fact: Not only are more and more women seeing escorts, but more and more women are having sex with multiple partners or even multiple husbands. Emotionally intelligent people are not afraid to explore.

Myth: There’s no intimacy with escorts.

Fact: Many people who have sex with escorts will tell you the experience is not only passionate and exciting but also intimate, with enjoyment in each other’s bodies and eager anticipation of this joyful event.

Myth: Escorts are no substitute for a real partner.

Fact: If you are a person with a healthy sex drive, but into a relationship with a person who has none, seeing an escort is more than a substitute. It is the real thing. Escorts initiate, want you to see her naked and encourage attempts on your part to make things more exciting.

Myth: People who have sex with escorts have low self-esteem or self-worth.

Fact: People who engage in sex with escorts, while maintaining healthy practices, tend to have higher self-worth and less hang-ups surrounding body image.

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