Can Escorts Help Marriages?

Oriental Girlfriend spoke to Sexy Asian Girls owner Fifi Fuchida about what Sexy Asian Girls customers have taught her about what men really want.

OGF: To counter criticism that you are creating more marital problems by building a business on the back of infidelity, you have said that you think helps prevent the break-up of marriages. Can you elaborate?

FIFI: The majority of men who visit an escort use it as a marriage preservation device. What we have found is that they don’t want to get divorced, but they have a need or desire they want to fulfil that their partner doesn’t want to do. We offer discretion.  No one finds out and no one gets hurt.

OGF: So what have you found that men want that they are not getting in their marriages?

FIFI: Some want to try a different ethnicity. This why Asian Escorts in London are so popular. We have so many requests for escorts who would be willing to have anal sex. The reality is hardly any girls are willing to do this. But guys just want someone or something that is contrary to what they experience in their ‘normal’ (married) lives. Some guys want women to be shaved. The other request is oral sex. And some guys just want ‘normal’ sex. We see many guys who don’t get any sex at all, even if they are married. It’s an approximation, based on client feedback, but I would guess more than half of our clients, who are in some sort of long-term relationship, have sex less than once a month.

OGF: Do you see why some are troubled that you are making money from infidelity? It appears as though you are encouraging it.

FIFI: By not having honest conversations about sex in relationships, you get divorces. By not addressing sexual problems in relationships, you get problems that can lead to divorce. What happens to the guy who loves his partner, but is frustrated because his partner is unable or unwilling to meet his sexual needs? Does he become increasingly frustrated and unhappy and then meet someone else, have an affair, which leads to divorce? We let men have extra marital relationships without interrupting lives. I think it is better for an escort to help a man achieve sexual satisfaction, emotional and physical release, than for another woman to get involved and risk breaking up a marriage. Escorts are not home wreckers.

OGF: You don’t know that. Haven’t some escorts hooked up with clients who leave their spouses anyway?

FIFI: Many guys who use our service talk about their marriages and relationships, how much they love their wife or partner, and many say they come to our agency because their wife or partner is always tired and stressed and only wants sex once or twice a month. The number of guys who visit escorts for this reason far outnumber those who come to us because they need something different. We offer a solution. I can think of one case where a married guy came to us every week, to see the same girl. He did not want another escort. And, somewhere down the line, they fell in love. She left the escort business and he left his wife, got divorced and married the girl. But this is rare. More often than not it’s about sex in a controlled, safe environment. It’s not an office affair, which has more risk because your spouse or boss could find out about it.

OGF: What do you think of prostitution?

FIFI: You can’t suppress human sexuality. I heard the Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman, talk about “this appalling cultural legacy of people judging someone’s sexual desires,” and I agree with him when he says “the time has come for people to get their heads out of the sand.”

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