What Men Really Want From Asian Escorts.


What Men Want From Asian Escorts

“SEX ON THE BRAIN!” What Men Want From Asian Escorts in London. A very interesting piece of research from Oriental Girlfriend. They surveyed 1,000 clients, of Asian Escorts in London, to understand their sexual preferences and ended up with ‘The Top 7 Most Requested Sexual Fantasies,’ shown here in this rather nice Info-graphic. While it does not attempt to explain the intricacies of the male psyche, the survey does help one to understand what men want, from escorts, and why. What the Info-graphic does not show is the number of clients who are less interested in sexual intercourse and achieving orgasm than they are usually portrayed. According to Oriental Girlfriend, who interviewed several Asian Escort agencies and Asian Escort independents in London, many clients pay escorts to “talk, cuddle, engage in hours of foreplay and actively seek instruction in how to please a woman sexually.”

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