Selling Sex Is Harder For Escorts

Girls Generation - South Korean Pop Girl GroupAs a former marketing professional now running a successful Asian escort agency in London, I want to dispel some myths about marketing an escort business. This will come as no surprise to those more digital marketing savvy escort owners out there, but one cannot promote an escort business in the same way that one would promote a “normal” business, and I not only talking about restrictions around advertising and social media.

More importantly there are inherent ethical and moral challenges that an escort business marketer will never overcome i.e. the very private, secret nature of the business, and also the taboo factor, which is the big surprise, because I have found it is arguably wholly more acceptable to pay for porn, no matter how controversial or proscribed, than it is to pay for the services of an escort.

It is also much easier to market a business that facilitates extramarital romance and sex e.g. Ashley Madison, than it is to market an escort business.

Why? Because one seems to offend more than the other, hence the huge restrictions imposed on escort business marketers such as the advertising policy of social networks such as Google+ and LinkedIn, PPC red-lights, mainstream media advertising restrictions, search restrictions etc. You would think that social media would at least offer a marketing tool for escort businesses that want to more effectively reach their target audience. After all, social media touches nearly every part of the online world. But for the escort industry, social media is not low-key or discreet enough for escorts to connect with prospective clients.

Of course most of us are conscious of the rules and regulations that govern social networks like Facebook and Twitter and find creative ways to work within them. But no matter how much you try to promote one’s personality or show off your fun and flirty or smart and sassy side, you are never going to create a brand for customers and fans to openly identify with. How many professional men are going to follow an escort on Twitter or like an escort on Facebook?

While I agree that there are a lot of misconceptions about the industry and those who work within it that need to be addressed, the digital world does not always give participants the opportunity to correct that.

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