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Using escorts safely and shopping around to suit your needs can be the perfect remedy for loneliness and pent up sexual frustrations. This article by Oriental Girlfriend CEO Odda Ganesa, a qualified sex therapist, examines the benefits of seeing an escort.

It’s natural for a man to desire to be with women other than his girlfriend, partner or wife. You can be a loving husband, a caring father and a good person but when you see that 18 year old in a mini skirt walking down the street, it leads your mind to other places.

A lot of men try to suppress these feelings due to guilt, loyalty and society’s standards and expectations of married men. However no matter how hard you fight your natural urges, sometimes they win. In modern society over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Both men and women are inclined to cheat and so if you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to cheat, your options are either to have an affair or to see an escort. I will make my case for why seeing an escort is a better option.

Before we look at the benefits, though, let’s put some context around the whole business of seeing an escort. New research drawing on a large-scale London representative sample of men shows that frequenting escorts is not actually all that unusual in the UK.

About 60 per-cent of British men said they paid for sex at some point in their lives, and 45% per-cent said they visited an escort in the past year (2014), according to the study, which is, in part, based on data collected as part of a customer survey by Oriental Girlfriend.

More distinct characteristics, however, emerge among avid customers of escorts who self-identify as “punters” and post on message boards that review escort girls. A survey of men in this online community revealed that a substantial portion of them are married, white, earn over £50,000 per year, have graduate degrees and think about sex more (and feel less guilty about it), compared with other groups of men, including those who have been arrested for hiring prostitutes on the street.

With this in mind, let’s look at the pros and cons of seeing an escort versus having an affair or one night stand.

No strings attached with escorts.

If you’re having an affair, it’s only natural for your mistress or girlfriend on the side to eventually want to settle down with you. It’s nearly impossible for a woman to remain as a mistress to a man unless it’s for money. Eventually she will begin to apply pressure and things can get really messy. When you’re getting involved in an affair that lasts longer than a couple months with a mistress, you are eventually going to have to decide which relationship you want to stick with. If you’re lucky, the losing party doesn’t jeopardise your relationship with the other and expose your infidelity out of spite. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the women who fall head over heels for a man – it’s a two way street. When you see an escort it’s usually much easier to keep your relationship with them in perspective. When you have a mistress on the side, you could be perfectly in love with your wife and love your children, but the sex, the cute things your mistress does, the differences between her and your wife, they can call get you thinking that the grass might be greener on the other side.

Seeing escorts when you’re married

On the other hand when you’re seeing an escort, not only can you keep things in perspective easier, you also know she has no vested interest in telling your wife, causing drama in your personal life or otherwise jeopardising the relationship you have with the woman you love. An escort, for the most part, knows that much of her clientele are committed to other relationships. She won’t email you, call you on your cell phone or flag you down from across the street if you happen to run into her while out & about with the family. Discretion should be a major factor in your extramarital activities and that is exactly what an escort both provides and expects.

Seeing escorts provides variety.

The grass is greener is a problem that every man is prone to fall for. Men have a biological urge to be with as many women as possible. When you’re having affairs, bouncing back and forth between different women outside of your marriage, it’s just a matter of time before it blows up in your face. On the other hand, if you’re discreet with escorts you can literally see 100’s of them with out better half suspecting anything.

Your wife would appreciate you seeing an escort over having an affair.

This might sound strange, but it’s the truth. If you’ve ever been cheated on then you have 1000’s of questions running through your mind. You want to know who, what, when, where, how, why, how long, how much and much more. The bottom line is to know that you’ve been having sex with a colleague from the office for the past two years hurts a lot more than the fact that you’ve been seeing escorts.

You can rationalise this by understanding, when you have an affair your wife will assume that there was something non-sexual lacking from your relationship that you sought in another relationship. With an escort you can tell her that you never kissed them, you never had unprotected sex and no one else ever knew about it. You save her embarrassment and you make it a completely sexual encounter. I’m not going to say that she’ll be okay with it, but believe me, it does hurt a lot less than a full out affair.

Hopefully after reading the above you’ll understand and see the benefits of seeing escorts when you’re a married man. There are additional tips like always pay in cash and always use a hotel or in-call. And always make sure you still take care of business at home. Make love to your wife like nothing has changed. If you sleep with your wife 3 times a week and then all of the sudden no longer have an urge, she may not automatically draw the conclusion that you’ve been seeing escorts, but it will change the dynamics of your relationship for the worse.

If done right, all parties are satisfied, and there is no drama.

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