Review Your London Asian Escort Independently

The problem with being a London Asian escort is that there’s so much competition! You know this to be true. Heaven knows how you guys actually do choose a girl from the plethora available to you on a daily basis. There are more agencies than we need, not to mention all the independent girls advertising out there. It’s for this reason that it becomes necessary for a London Asian escort to market themselves a little bit differently. They have to become what we like to call “punter savvy!”

A London Asian escort needs a good review

Or ten of course, if they can get them! But it’s no good simply posting reviews on the website of an agency, or even on an Adult Work profile or something similar. Actually, those field reports on there are pretty good, so scratch that. But either way, in order for a London Asian escort to get the attention and respect they so clearly deserve, they have to get their name out there on the websites that matter.

Good independent review sites

There are a number of independent review sites out there and there are often new ones popping up here and there. We’ll keep you informed about new ones when we hear about them, but for the time being, check out these main sites and post us a review on them:

Our petition to you

We’re not just here to champion our London escorts of course, we’re out for our own gain too. If you review a London Asian escort on an independent website they you also mention where you booked her from. This is good for us of course, because we are getting our name on an independent website that’s respected by our main target audience! So we would like to take this opportunity to request that, if you do see one of our girls, you go along and review them on an independent website too if at all possible.

We’d very much like to thank you in advance, on behalf of ourselves and our escorts

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