Asian Escort Nationalities in London

Asian Escorts in London

According to a new poll of Asian Escorts in London, there are a growing number of Korean Escort in London. According to the survey carried out by Oriental Girlfriend the number of Korean Escorts in London has increased by 25% in the past 12 months, although they are still significantly outnumbered by the predominant Thai and Chinese Escorts. @orientalGFE say that Thai Escorts account for more than 40% of the Asian Escorts in London. Chinese Escorts have a market share of 35%. Korean Escorts account for less than 7% of the market, but the number is growing. “We are seeing more and more Korean girls coming to London to work as Escorts, ” said Odda Ganesa, CEO of @orientalGFE. “The market is experiencing an upturn and more higher class Korean and Japanese Escorts are now working in London.”  Japanese Escorts make up approximately 14% of Asian Escorts in London. *Survey of 30 Asian Escort Agencies and 250 Customers. By Fifi Fuchida




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