Our Asian Escort Top Three London Bars With A Difference

As we get back to business as usual following the festive season, we’d like to take a little look back at some of the best bars to open in the city. Most of these places have been frequented by an Asian escort or two in the past and we’re sure they’ll be happy to go along for a drink with you too. Something to think about whilst you have a read…

Whilst they might not be the places you’d usually go, why not try them out. After all, you’re booking an Asian escort and you don’t do that every day. We say, live every day as if it’s your last. So, try something new and live it up a little.

  • Black Rock – This place is literally Jim Morrison’s wet dream. And if you don’t know who he is then you probably shouldn’t bother with it. It’s a whiskey bar basically, but rather unbasically, there’s about 250 type to try!
  • Cocktail Trading Company – With cocktails all the rage these days, you need to go to one of the best in the business. This place would certainly qualify. Try the “Handy Nightcap,” an Asian escort told us that they use a golf ball rather than ice for some reason, so we’re curious!
  • Doodle Bar – You know how Asian girls like those cute things? Well this is one of the cutest ideas we’ve seen in a bar recently. The Doodle Bar allows you to literally draw on the walls, or, randomly enough, play table tennis! Yeah, we know, but like we said, you have to try everything right? It’s a short life and you’ve only got one. It has to be fun with an Asian escort though right? By the way, try the street food, it’s good!

Probably not the three bars you’d expect to see, but they really are. You’ll notice that they all have something a little different than your average London pub. This is because your average Asian escort likes something a little different. These girls like to be entertained when they go out with clients or with their friends. This is something you might want to keep in mind if you’re booking an outcall service.

Whatever service you want, call us for the best Asian escort experience in London

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