Morning Sex Sessions On The Rise

More clients are choosing to spend time with Asian escorts in London before work.

Bookings for pre-9am sessions are at an all-time high, suggesting that men may feel more productive throughout the day if they set the tone with morning sex.

Our escorts report having morning sessions with a much higher frequency than previous years. We estimate incall bookings between 630-830am are up by 30% and outcalls during the same period have increased by 25%.

Getting up early enough in the morning to have sex may sound like a luxury, but there are benefits to a healthy sex life beyond physical pleasure.

It seems sacrificing the extra shut-eye in the morning could benefit our health and productivity. The act of sex releases hormones that reduce stress to create mental and emotional stability.

During sex, we experience a release of oxytocin, the feel-good chemical that has many positive effects on our body. This keeps us gleeful, especially after sex, and can last for hours, meaning we perform better at work.

Men who engage in morning intercourse for two weeks experience lower stress-related blood pressure compared to those who participated in other sexual activities, including solo sessions.

Plus, after we engage in sexual activity, we get “post-sex benefits,” which are the biological and social benefits we get from the activity. And this correlates to an increase in productivity.

So sex in the morning is not only good for us, it’s good for business, too. You will go to work feeling more awake and less stressed and will be able to better face the day, regardless of the tasks it brings you.

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