#MeToo- How The Social Campaign Is Changing Attitudes Towards Escorts.

The prevalence of sexual assault, harassment and even rape of Asian escorts in London has been widespread over the past decade.

This is a shocking truth for two reasons. Firstly, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Oriental girls working as professional escorts in London often cannot believe how they are treated by some clients, albeit a minority. Many simply leave, never to return after experiencing sexual assault, harassment and even rape at the hands of paying customers.

Secondly, there is a attitude among many people, both men and women, that it is impossible to sexually assault, harass and even rape an escort. ‘You take the money, so take whatever comes next,’ is a widely held belief.

The latter is arguably a more shocking truth than the former. Escorts are sexually assaulted, harassed and even raped, and it is wrong.

Fortunately, attitudes are changing, in part thanks to social campaigns such as #MeToo and also a “heightened sense” of wrong and right among men, particularly younger men.

According to a survey conducted by Oriental Girlfriend, one of the UK’s oldest providers of “discreet adult female companionship in London,” between November 2017 and January 2018, more than 50 percent of male respondents, ages 18 to 35 and all regular customers of London escorts, say the #MeToo movement has changed the way they act in their relationships with escorts.

The Oriental Girlfriend survey, (based on interviews with 1,000 men), showed that the majority of men who took part wanted to make sure they were being respectful of the escort’s feelings and not being presumptuous about the services on offer.

“In the world of dating men are confused about how to make a first move in a way that is confident and mindful of a woman’s boundaries,” said Oriental Girlfriend CEO Odda Ganessa. “This “heightened sense” of wrong and right is now changing the way clients treat escorts.

“We are hearing reports from the front-line – stories from working girls – about a growing trend of clients asking escorts “can I touch you here?” “Can I do this?” Just because they have paid for a service doesn’t mean there is no line.”

According to Ganessa some clients are just as conflicted about how to be both passionate and respectful when seeing an escort just as they would be if dating a woman. “Society may not recognise or accept the fact that sex can hold heavy consequences for escorts, just as it can for all women,” Ganessa said.

“In the “normal” world perhaps we are heading to a place where women’s desires in sex matter as much as men’s. In the escort business this will never happen in the same way. Not necessarily because of the transactional nature of the relationship, but certainly because of the disparity in the relationship. The obvious focus is on client satisfaction.”

Ganessa said sexual harassment in the escort industry is still a big issue. “It is more hidden, less subtle and more violent,” she said.

“It is our estimation, based on years of feedback and study, that more than 70% of female Asian escorts in London have experienced some form of sexual harassment, whether it is serious serious sexual assault such as anal rape or client pressure to perform a service that is not “on the menu.Less than 5% of female Asian escorts report serious sexual harassment to the police.”

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