Look but don’t touch!

That’s right, you read it correctly. We’re always happy to give you some snippets of cultural education when it comes to Korean girls, so we thought we’d share this with you in the event you actually go to Korea…

Don’t touch the opposite sex!

It’s as simple as that guys. You simply don’t touch, unless you want a slap in the face. Now, let’s get this straight, it’s not as though Koreans can’t show affection. If you are boyfriend and girlfriend in public it’s deemed acceptable to hold hands or link arms. Not kissing, and certainly not snogging!

Korean culture dictates that when there is physical contact between a male and female it’s seen as sexual. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply greeting someone you haven’t seen for a long time, or you decide you want to pat someone on the back for doing a good job, it’s all seen the same way. Let that be a warning to you if you are to venture into the more “traditional” parts of Korea.

The furthest you can go in Korea is to shake hands with the opposite sex.

Korean escorts

Of course when it comes to the Korean escorts London have you don’t have to worry too much about touching (provided you ask first of course!) The Koreans over here in the UK don’t take this cultural thing as seriously as the video would suggest.

Believe us when we say that the girls you see on our site are very open about touching in the privacy of your hotel room or their incall apartment; it is their belief that touching is the ultimate intimacy and that you have more than likely booked them in order to feel appreciated and taken care of.

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