London Asian Escort Renaissance

45After experiencing arguably the worst downturn in it’s history, the Asian Escort business in London is enjoying something of a renaissance, both in terms of fiscal performance and popularity. Of course there is a direct correlation between the two – popularity equals more customers, which equals more money – but before the recession hit in 2008,  the Asian Escort business in London was doing well financially, but in terms of reputation it was a different story.  A huge increase in the number of Asian Escort websites – rising out of the dotcom bubble of the late 1990s – meant that cash rich punters shopping for Escort services, particularly in London, were suddenly spoiled for choice, or so it appeared. In reality, however, demand was outstripping supply to the extent that for every 50 girls advertised on an Asian Escort website, there was only 1 actual girl working to service customers, meaning that a) the girl never looked liked the young, sexy, fresh faced Oriental girls advertised on the gallery pages of Escort websites and b) the service was always rushed, usually poor and never value for money. An influx of  Chinese Escorts in the early 2000s compounded the situation. Not that there is anything wrong with Chinese Escorts – in fact many of the best, most beautiful and sexy Asian Escorts in London are indeed Chinese – but when 90% of Asian Escorts advertised on the gallery pages of Escort websites are 18-21 year-old Japanese, Korean or Malaysian, but the only girls working are 30+ Chinese Escorts, then reputations started to suffer.  A poll of Escort customers in London carried out by a well known adult website in 2012, rated the Asian Escort business in London as the least reputable and least trustworthy of all Escort types. So what has changed in the last two years?  Firstly the financially downturn, which allegedly saw the Escort business in the UK suffer a 60% drop in revenue between 2010-2012, forced many Asian Escort ‘shops’ to close, which actually created a healthier, thinned out market, where the better, more established Escort agencies suddenly had more business and could therefore hire better quality Escorts. The market in London has always been competitive, but up until 2012 had yet see a big difference in quality or quantity of supply, let alone a greater price elasticity of demand. Now we have all three factors at play. Demand is soaring again and the quality of Escorts both agency and independent has improved hugely as more young professional Japanese and Korean Escorts come to work in London. By Fifi Fuchida

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