London Asian Escort Guide: FAQ’s

With increasing numbers of people using escorts services in London, we thought it would be useful to answer some of the questions we are frequently asked by new customers.

In our experience, particularly in the past couple of years, men and women typically decide to try an escort service after becoming disappointed and/or frustrated with the dating scene.

Many of our customers had unhappy experiences with dating apps, for example – in fact, the escort industry, in general, is enjoying something of a renaissance period as a result of a decline in the popularity of online dating.

Let’s face it, most men and women, who are single, are looking for sexual fulfillment, as well as soul fulfilment. And yet the online dating world, with the exception of casual adult dating apps, is geared towards slow burn and discourages people looking for less than a romantic, sexual fling.

An escort service provides a less mentally and emotionally stressful experience than mainstream online dating and is much safer than casual online (sex) dating. We encourage you to give an escort service a try, and here are some useful pointers to help you make that decision.

Are escort services legal?
Yes, they are? UK law clearly says that working as an escort is not an offence, and neither is paying escorts for their time and companionship. The sex part is free with the purchase of companionship.

Do the escorts actually enjoy their work?
Yes, they do! All of the girls working for Sexy Asian Girls do so because they want to. In fact, we have a waiting list for escort roles, and we have a stringent anti-trafficking and anti-slavery policy. So every escort you see on our website has complete freedom, has a very enjoyable and prosperous life.

Are the photos of the escorts genuine?
Yes, absolutely. All of our escorts are 100% genuine. Our professionally handled profile verification service adds credibility to our escorts, and ensure you get the escort you want.

Are escorts healthy?
Yes. 100%. Every girl who wants to work for Sexy Asian Girls undergoes an extensive medical at a private GP in London. And they are required to get regular three-monthly check-ups. The health and wellbeing of our escorts are as important as the
health and wellbeing of our customers.

Is it safe?
Very safe. Locations as well as girls are vetted. We take safety very seriously. Our commitment is to provide a comfortable, relaxing a safe environment.

Is it discreet?
We built our business with your privacy in mind. We are an adult service provider, and as such we take reasonable steps to safeguard the data and identity of our customers.

Can I see the same escort on a regular basis?
Yes, definitely. In fact, many of our escorts have regular customers. In fact, it’s not unknown for am escort and client to develop a close relationship. Some even end up dating and marrying!

Can I see an escort at my home or hotel?
Yes, we provide outcall services, subject to discreet security checks.

Do you take credit or debit card payments?
Unfortunately no. Our cash-only policy is part of our commitment to privacy and safeguarding data. No digital footprint.

Can I take my escort on a date?
Yes! Dinner dates, theatre dates, even holidays. We are a companion service, after all.

Thanks for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to call our friendly booking manager Sunny. She will help you.

Happy escorting!


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