Korean Girls Have Got Seoul

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and a pretty wondrous place to be. If you’re on this website then it will come as no surprise to you that Seoul delivers some of the finest young women in the world today…

You already know how wonderful the girls are because you’re here looking for the best Korean escorts London can provide, and you should really know we are the “go to” agency to get what you want. If you haven’t had any experience of these companions then you really should make a point of checking out our gallery.

However, if you really want to get the most out of your date with a Korean girl you might be interested in learning a little about Korean culture and what might be expected if you were actually in Seoul. You will undoubtedly impress your companion if you know a few of these little factoids:

It’s not traditionally good manners for your girl to pay for anything on your date. Whilst times are changing it can still be a sign of bad taste. Get your credit card ready for a bashing.

  • Your date isn’t being rude if she uses her middle finger to point things out. It’s a Korean thing apparently and it’s simply a case of this finger being the longest on their hand, thus pointing things out clearly.
  • Koreans have respected a social hierarchy for centuries and this is still very prevalent. People are ranked according to their age mostly, but gender and occupation rank is also widely used. When your parents told you to “respect your elders” they meant it; they mean it even more in Korea!
  • Soju is a popular Korean alcoholic drink and you might find it here and there in London, especially if you’re dining in a Korean restaurant. Depending on how playful the Korean escorts are that you choose, you may or may not be warned about this drink. Be careful, it’s very strong and goes down very easily. You may find that you’re not much use to her at the end of the night!

We sincerely hope that this has given you a little insight and that these tips will help you impress your companion. Of course there’s no harm in learning a little more about the culture and customs from the girl you choose if you allow yourself any decent amount of time for conversation!
We’ll leave that up to the two of you…

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