Korean escorts wishing you a Happy New Year!

Korean escorts wishing you a Happy New Year!

To begin with, on behalf of everyone at the agency – including all the Korean escorts – we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We sincerely hope that it will be a healthy and prosperous one for you and your loved ones…

You want to know how the Koreans celebrate New Year? Well, they’re just as festive as we are when it comes to New Year’s Eve, and when they’re in London they’re likely to be even more so! Whilst Christmas is celebrated in South Korea, New Year’s is a little more important to them. It’s a time when families get together and put a lot of emphasis on the start of a new era. Activities include partying of course, but there are also those who like to watch the first sunrise on New Year’s Day. If you have the opportunity to get to Seoul at the start of any New Year’s celebrations, Times Square is the place to be!

Partying with Korean escorts

You really wouldn’t think that these delicate little creatures could keep up with the average UK gent when it comes to partying would you? But you would be very surprised. You see, with their experience in escorting, and the fact they have youth on their side, these Korean escorts could probably drink half of you under the table. After that they’d more than likely want to go dancing in the clubs all night. That is unless you can make them feel happy and relaxed in your company. Then perhaps you’ll be able to invite them to your hotel room for a little drink and some more intimate “getting to know you.”

Incall Korean escorts

They don’t always have to come to you in your hotel of course. You will be pleased to hear that the Korean escorts we choose to represent have incall apartments all over the city and they’re very welcoming indeed. All apartments are clean, comfortable and very discreet. You will find your chosen Korean escorts as you would expect to see them if they came to your hotel room. These girls always make an effort. When you consider it, it’s really in their best interests with to look good whether you take the out or not. And if you’re a true gentleman, remember to tell them just how good they look, and treat them appropriately.

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