If An Asian Escort Offers You A Massage Take It!

Seriously, take it! It’s not always on the menu when you go and see any escort really, it’s totally down to the individual girl. But if there’s one type of escort that can really give you a good one, it has to be an Asian escort…

Massage just seems to be something Asian escorts have mastered. It’s as though they have an innate sense of what to do when they have a man beneath their fingertips! Sensual massage is in the blood with these girls and many of them have learned tantric massage techniques too. If you have yet to experience a tantric massage it’s certainly something that every man needs to try at least once. Having said that, once you’ve experienced this, you’re going to have more than one!

It’s not just technique, it’s also subservience. Not in a bad way of course, you understand? We’re talking about subservience in a way that suggests you are the one who is being served for the duration of your booking. We’re not talking about a personal slave here, who will do everything you say, just someone who will make your satisfaction their goal (within reason) for the limited time you have paid for their companionship.

Make the most of your time with a massage

Some guys go and see an Asian escort and really don’t get full value for their money. Well, that’s a bad thing to say really, because any amount of time with an Asian escort is worth every penny, no matter what you do. What we mean is that some guys are out the door in half an hour or forty minutes, when they’ve booked a full hour. This is a dreadful waste!

If you take a massage in the middle of your booking (if offered), it can slow things down and really allow you take things easy. The massage can last as long as you and your chosen Asian escort want it to. Sometimes you can get a massage that last all the way until the end of your time, give or take the time for a shower if you want one. And sometimes your massage will put you and your lovely companion in the mood to do something else. Who’s to say what could happen!

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