Get a little Korea in your London life…

Here you’ve learned a little about Korean culture, but mostly funny and slightly weird stuff we know. But just how much Korea do you think you can absorb in London?

You would be pleasantly surprised at just how much culture you can absorb in our fine city. It’s not just the Korean escorts London have to offer you know, there are restaurants, bars and many other social and cultural points of interest. We’ll introduce you to a few, just in case you fancy showing off next time you book one of our girls!


Eating out Asian style isn’t hard in London at all, although eating exclusively Korean isn’t as common. You’ll have to look around a little for the best places, and we know we’ve mentioned some of these before, but that’s only because they’re so damn good!

• Asadal in Central London. Not far from Holborn tube station, Asadal is ranked quite highly in London’s Timeout.

• Bi Bim Bap in Soho. Another well ranked Korean restaurant in Timeout. This place has a wonderful atmosphere and the food is very authentic.

• Dotori in Finsbury Park. For a Korean restaurant this place is very busy indeed. Not that Korean food isn’t popular of course! You will almost certainly have to pre-book your table well in advance if you want to eat here. A great place to take some Korean company and show off!


The Korean Cultural Centre website is a wealth of information about things going on in the city for those who are interested in Korean culture and those who are of course Korean.
• Korean literature nights. These are an excellent resource for scholars and lover of literature in general. This month on the 25th March you can experience the book of the month: The Cloud Dream of the Nine by Kim Man-jung and enter into discussions about the themes the novel has to offer etc. Check their website for more information.

• Concerts. There are regular performances from some of the best Korean musicians in London and those travelling through. Some of these are well worth the time.

• Art exhibitions. If you have a passion for Korean culture then you’re sure to love some of the very latest art exhibits.

• Korean movie nights. This might not be something you’d like to attend yourself, but perhaps one of our Korean escorts might appreciate it; and then some dinner afterwards?

What you see here is just a small helping of what’s on offer in London. You can find out more about all of the above at the cultural centre website and we would strongly urge you take a look.

Book a Korean companion
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