Effects Of Sex On The Male Brain

216310079_bigstockphoto_sex_on_the_brain_13560881Interesting article in the Huffington Post about long-term effects of porn on the male brain. According to psychologist Simone Kühn  “regular consumption of pornography more or less wears out your reward system.”  What Kühn means is that  ‘men who watch a lot of porn may find they need to fantasise about porn in order to maintain an erection or climax, and some can’t get an erection when they’re presented with a real-life naked women at all.’  In our experience, this theory does not hold water. Many men visit escorts because they can no longer climax watching porn. Some customers complain that they can no longer maintain an erection watching porn.  We often here customers say ‘I’m fed up of porn,’ or “I’m bored of porn,’ or “It (porn) does nothing for me any more.” Etc.  But when they are presented with a “real-life’ naked woman, they perform perfectly well. 

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