Eat Like An Asian Escort: You’ll Live Much Longer!

Have you heard the phrase “fit as an Asian”? No, we haven’t either, but it really should be a common aphorism if you want our opinion.

You see, Asians are generally healthy people aren’t they? Yes, in some cultures they eat insects etc. but you can’t honestly say that you’ve seen many morbidly obese Asians can you? And the women! Don’t get us started on Asian women. They always look so young! This is one of the main reasons we love representing Asian escorts so much, they age so very well. If we had a mind to represent 50-year-old Asians, we could probably get away with telling everyone they were really 30!

But we’re not dishonest of course, and the girls you see on our website are all as young as their profiles tell you they are. It’s not in our best interests to lie to you. But the point we’re making today is more about your health than theirs. We could all take a little advice from Asian culture when it comes to our diets, and it’s for this reason we’re offering you a few handy little tips.

Eating like an Asian escort keeps you fit!

Whether these will indeed help you live longer or not remains to be seen of course, a lot depends on the type of person you are and how good your willpower is! But you can take it from us that the average Asian escort in London today does practically all of the following.

  • Seafood – No, we don’t mean “see food and then eat it!” We mean, get some more in your diet and cut out some meat. Our English “meat and potato” style of eating isn’t healthy at all really. Too much starch and we all know that too much meat isn’t that good for you. Most Asians eat fish most days, and it’s widely documented that this diet is good for you, with all the oils etc.
  • Start to enjoy soup – Soup is easier to digest and it contains many nutrients made up of the contents, including the vegetable that has been boiled and simmered. You can get a lot from just a small amount of soup too and its warmth will make it easy on your digestion and help you feel fuller quicker.
  • Eat smaller servings – You’ll never catch a dainty Asian escort stacking her plate like we do. There’s no need to make dinner boring, you can brighten things up with many very small dishes if you wish. It’s also advisable to begin using chopsticks believe it or not. You will immediately begin to digest your food better and you’ll eat less because you will actually give your brain a chance to register that you don’t need more food.
  • Befriend rice! So many people are afraid of rice because it’s a carb, and this is just silly. The body needs carbohydrates in order to give energy. All you need to do is cut down on the amount of rice and perhaps switch your white rice for brown rice. Rice is a huge part of Asian cuisine, and it is enjoyed with a lot of dishes. It will fill you up and you won’t need much.

Now you have some healthy tips, you can begin to live like your favorite Asian escorts! Hell, you may even find you have much more energy for your dates!

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