Ashley Madison Hack & Asian Escorts In London.


Does The Ashley Madison Hack Mean More Business For Asian Escorts In London? We certainly hope so and, quite frankly, the awful situation that so many men now find themselves in, following the breach of privacy, does not come as a surprise to us at Sexy Asian Girls.

Compared to the comparative risk free process of seeing an escort, subscribing to Ashley Madison was always a risky business.

The website – whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair” – is marketed to people looking for extramarital relationships, and sooner or later, one just knew that this house of cards would come crashing down. The scale of the fallout, however – 33 million records of people who had used a website for secret affairs had their names and identifying details leaked online by hackers – was staggering. A million people’s email addresses are now out in the open, marking them out as potential users of the infidelity site. The hackers claim to have the details of 37 million people in total.

Of course, we are not condoning digital espionage, neither are we happy this has happened. After all customer confidentiality is the lifeblood of any service offering companionship to married men (and women). This hack constitutes an unprecedented revelation of a lot of private citizens’ private information, and it doesn’t just affect the millions of people whose account information has been made public. We’ve been warned for years about the dangers of sharing personal information online, and, as we enter the age of hacks and data breaches, we’re going to have to get used to these dangers. We are all moving more and more of our lives online, but there is no such thing as absolute, guaranteed privacy on the internet.

That is one of the reasons why so many of our customers prefer to do business with escorts – the process and transaction is relatively risk free. We do not hold data about our customers – even mobile phone numbers are deleted from our phone records every day – and we do not ask out customers for their personal details. In the 20 years we have been providing escort services to businessmen in London, I cannot remember a single incident of a customer being found out.

Using an escort service is probably the safest, most reliable, satisfying and value for money way of meeting a woman for companionship.

Ashley Madison ads with slogans like “Don’t pay for an escort, find cheating wives in your area!” or “Life is short. Have an affair,” can still be found on Google when searching for Asian escort services in London. Ironically, though many customers who have toyed with the idea of joining Ashley Madison are now running a mile from the service. Many of them are heading in our direction. And that is good for our business and good for men who male infidelity, which we all know is extremely common.

We have always thought it is pretty stupid for a married man to have sex with amateurs. An escort is a professional who wants nothing more than her fee; she is scrupulous about protection and will not disrupt a marriage by calling her clients, demanding they leave their wives, whining “you don’t spend enough time with me” or any of the other behaviours which make a mistress a danger to a marriage. So as you might expect, we find the idea of a dating service, which specifically markets itself to married people looking for affairs to be short-sighted.

If you want to meet a beautiful, young professional Asian escort in a safe, secure risk free environment, please visit our escorts page, have a look at the fantastic selection we have to offer, choose a girl and make a booking. You will be surprised at just how easy and fun it is. And unlike Ashley Madison customers, you are 100% safe with us.


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