Could Escorts Be Good For Your Home Sex Life?

UPDATE: We’ve had so much positive response to this post and received a wonderful testimony from a long standing customer who asked us to share his experience. The gentleman in question has been married for over 30 years and his home sex life was virtually non-existent. he blamed the lack of bedroom action on low self-esteem, largely because he had neglected his health and put on weight, but also because his wife stopped enjoying sex.  He was also tensed and stressed out because he never did anything special for himself to de-stress. So he started to see an Asian Escort in London twice a month and as a result his confidence returned. He lost some weight and managed to de-stress. His sex life at home started to improve.  “I would not go as far as saying it saved my marriage,” he said. “But it certainly put a spark back in my life and, surprisingly, increased my own sex drive and desire for my wife. I don’t know why that happened, but my married sex life has improved enormously and, as a result, my marriage is in much better shape.”

A new study suggests that watching porn is actually better for your sex life.  It also claims that those who watched more porn have a “stronger desire” to be with their real-life partners.

It is an interesting debate because there is also an argument that those who use the services of escorts also have a stronger desire to be with their real-life partners, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their sex lives at home are better.

We asked 20 of our customers what they thought about watching porn and seeing escorts and whether the two had any correlation on their sex lives at home. Interestingly, more than 80% said watching porn actually gave them a stronger desire to use the services of an escort rather than being with their real-life partners, but the same number said that their sex lives at home were actually better if they had sex with an escort on a regular basis.

“My sex life with my wife is OK and watching porn does improve my sexual performance, but it was still lacking, which is why I started using an escort service,” one customer told us. “Since I started using an escort service, my sex life at home is fantastic. I feel more confident and I am more interested in my wife sexually, which some may think perverse, but it’s perfectly true.”

Another customer said: “I started watching porn more often because my sex life with my girlfriend was not that good. Watching more porn gave me a strong desire to have sex with escorts, which in turn somehow had a positive effect on my sex life at home. Seeing escorts has definitely given me stronger desire to be with my girlfriend. “

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