Chinese London Escorts At Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Yes, it’s here again and it’s now open! And our Chinese London escorts are enjoying every minute of it when they get the chance.

It’s not of course just Chinese London escorts that are enjoying the sights and sounds in Hyde Park at the moment, all the girls are when they get time out to play. It’s fortunate for you guys too, we have a number of oriental escorts, from a variety of Asian nations, available around Hyde Park. So, pop along for a hot dog and some mulled wine, then call in on one of our incall Chinese London escorts. You couldn’t ask for a better evening out in London if you tried!

What’s there this year?

It’s pretty much the same as last year, but there are some improvements. They’ve made it a lot prettier and it’s much bigger basically. More than likely fuelled by the ton of money it made last year of course. There’s one thing about Winter Wonderland that will always stay consistent and that’s the extortionate prices!

But that’s what Christmas is all about in London isn’t it? Getting ripped off because you can afford to be! Besides, if you’re taking your kids to Hyde Park, you have to expect a little ripping off. What? Are you going to tell them “no” when they say they want to see Santa?

Our favourite bits:

  • The ice skating rink is massive!
  • Lovely food (even if it does cost a packet) and the mulled wine of course!
  • The ice sculpture in The Magical Ice Kingdom are a must see.
  • There’s an “ice bar” where the barman has to wear gloves and a woolly hat!

Don’t rely on the tubes!

For goodness sake don’t, for the love of god! We went the other night because we were around Knightsbridge, but we really regret trying to get the Piccadilly Line back from Knightsbridge tube station. They shut it down because the platform was literally clogged with people. So whether you’re visiting Chinese London escorts in Knightsbridge, or you are just heading to and from Winter Wonderland, don’t take the tube. You might be better off with the buses, but if you have the cash, grab a cab!

Don’t forget to book Chinese London escorts!

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