Asian Escorts And Anal Sex


According to a recent article in The Evening Standard, the most recent sexual attitudes survey showed a general broadening in the nation’s intimate repertoire. Anal sex, though still only practised by a minority, is becoming increasingly common among straight couples. Take Kingsman,  a spy film that is in cinemas now.  As its hero, Eggsy, prepares to foil the genocidal mission of a megalomaniac, he finds an imprisoned Swedish princess. “If I save the world, do I get a kiss?” he asks. Princess Scandinavian Stereotype says he’ll get more than a kiss: “If you save the world, we can do it in the arsehole.” She’s not suggesting donning a strap-on herself, of course. One of the film’s closing shots is her proffering her perky buttocks to an ecstatic Eggsy.

Then there’s Girls, Lena Dunham’s series. A recent episode saw Marnie, a character who previously shuddered at the word “butthole”, receiving anilingus in the kitchen. While there are plenty of women who clearly enjoy anal sex, a study published in the BMJ Open  last year suggested “few young men or women reported finding anal sex pleasurable and both sexes expected anal sex to be painful for women.” The very thought of anal turns many women off, although educational videos such as Sexplanations provide quite compelling clear explanation of why it can actually feel good on an anatomical level.

A high percentage of our clients would like anal sex, but this intimate repertoire is still only practised by a minority of Asian escorts. It may becoming increasingly common among straight couples, but none of our escorts would agree to perform this sexual act, although there are escorts in London who do.





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