Asian Massage Vs Asian Animal Massage


At Sexy Asian Girls, we pride ourselves on providing probably the best Oriental massage in London. Our Korean escorts, for example, are the talk of the town when it comes to this, but lately we have been hearing of other massage services that, quite frankly, we can’t compete with – or certainly can’t offer!

Animal massage is apparently big business in Asia – yes you heard right ANIMAL MASSAGE. In Chang Mai, Thailand, tourists are queuing up to get a massage with a difference – from a THREE TONNE elephant. Visitors to Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines, meanwhile, can get a deep muscle massage… performed by a deadly giant snake and inside Thailand’s Snail Spa, gastropods are hard at work ‘massaging’ faces with their mucus. DISGUSTING!

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with these different massage experiences, but we like to think that our Korean escorts will beat an elephant, snake or snail any day of the week, when it comes to giving the best massage ever. And one would struggle to find a nicer looking, sexier masseuse than our lovely Sexy Asian Girls.

On the subject of good massages we came across a very interesting article “How to Give The Best Massage Ever (That Will Definitely Lead to Cuddling)” 

And if you want to put that in practice why not treat yourself to a session with one of our hot Korean escorts.



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