Are there English barriers with Korean escorts?

The same barriers occur sometimes, no matter what escorts you book. Most in London, including Korean escorts, are generally pretty good however. This does of course depend on the agency through which you book…

A good escort agency will always ensure that the Korean escorts they represent have a decent level of English. Seriously, it’s no fun spending time with Korean escorts that don’t speak a word. It’s not really good company if the girl you’re with can’t understand a word you’re saying! And you’re not there as an English tutor of course, you’re supposed to be relaxing and getting entertained by these oriental babes!

Korean escorts do get interviewed

In the same way as any other position people apply for, at our agency (like many others) we ensure that we interview the girl. It’s not even as though they’re “working” for us really. In actual fact they often use the meeting to interview us! After all, they’re trying to choose the best agency to represent them. The Korean escorts we end up representing are usually the very intelligent types with sound business acumen! They know what they want. They know they want more bookings and better clients, so they choose an agency that can give it to them.

But, as a responsible agency, we do ensure that the girls have enough experience of the English language to be good company. So regardless of how good they look, we won’t represent them if they can’t be stimulating company and not just “eye candy”. We have clients that like to take our Korean escorts (and all the others) out to dinner. They like to have extended bookings where they can get to know the girls a little more personally over drinks etc.

But don’t they sound lovely?

They do indeed. When Korean escorts speak broken English they sound absolutely adorable. Give them time to get their words out. The majority of those who struggle are actually always looking for opportunities to improve their English. For many it actually helps with studies, or other more mainstream career choices they may have in London. Bet you never thought you’d be providing an educational service when you date Korean escorts.

The following video is really quite amazing. It examines the stereotype of how we hear the voice of an Asian girl. When this young Asian stops speaking Korean and switches to English, it really shocked us. Was she acting? Or is that really how she has to sound? We would certainly disagree with her when she says that the “cuteness” is seen as a negative. If anything, that cute voice of hers could be used as a weapon to enslave mankind!

Of course, we’re well aware that she’s a pretty girl in that video, so you’re more than likely going to want to check out some more cute Asians. Please… Be our guest! Check out the best Korean escorts in London…

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