A Guide to the Perfect Asian Escort Date.

Dating an Asian escort can be an exact science if you follow a few tried and tested basic tips and use them to your advantage during the first interaction and future meetings. Here’s what you need to know:


Just like a regular first date, it’s often easy to beat around the bush and be a little vague about expectations and needs. You’d be surprised at just how many clients either don’t know what they want or are too embarrassed or reserved to say what they want.

Whether it’s asking your escort if they’d like to grab a drink first, or if they like kissing or will perform a specific sexual act, it’s best to just be direct with the question. Check the services that she provides and begin by asking all those questions over the phone, or via email or text. Also, check out the rates and don’t start negotiating over the phone.

The great thing about escort dates is that is, despite being a transactional encounter, the escort is there to provide a service that will satisfy you, make you happy and make you want to visit her again. Which brings us on to the next tip.


This is the hardest thing to explain, because everyone is different in their approach. It’s quite an interesting experience getting intimate with someone you have only just met, even more so in the rather business like environment of dating an escort. However, many regular clients develop very intimate and highly satisfying relationships with escorts. Clients will talk about how the sex gets better and better, which is usually the case in a long term relationship.

But, even if your escort date is a one off, you can still experience intimacy and enjoy the whole spectrum of foreplay. Most Asian escorts in London enjoy getting to know their client, perhaps starting off with a glass of wine and some chatting on the couch or bed, then perhaps some cuddling or kissing. If there is something you want but you’re not sure if it’s moving too fast, feel free to ask. Asking is sexy and we do appreciate it.


When it comes to actually getting it on in the bedroom, your experience depends on your escort and on what you are comfortable with. Generally, a service will include oral sex on you and intercourse, but keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you just feel like hand relief, it’s fine to ask for that.

Safe sex is obviously incredibly important and you’ll need to follow your escort’s lead. She will supply condoms and lube, and is responsible for putting the condom on correctly. Keep in mind that this is about the whole experience, not just about getting off.

Your escort will do her best to look after you but in the end, it’s your responsibility as to whether you climax or not. A lot of guys are nervous their first time around and don’t get fully erect, or get erect but are too nervous or uptight to climax. If this happens to you, try not to be too hard on yourself (excuse the pun!) – we see it all the time and understand. Relax and keep doing whatever feels good! This is your time to enjoy yourself.


Please respect the escort’s time and schedule, and please call if you will be more than 10 minutes late. And, if you want more time, ask and if she says yes, expect to pay for it at the rate previously discussed.

Be nice, treat her like a lady, and be respectful. She is a real person, you don’t need to be intimidated and you certainly shouldn’t feel superior either. Make sure you give her the fee as soon as possible. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can both put it out of your minds and concentrate on the fun stuff!

The escort may need to put a call through to her driver or a friend so that they know she is okay – please don’t take this personally, it is something that needs to be done with every client to ensure their safety.

Beyond all this it’s a good idea to keep in mind the basics. Don’t get drunk. Wear something nice, and just care about that first impression. Most importantly, remember: Always be clean!!! Very very clean. If you just came from work or whatever, take a quick shower at the location.

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