London Asian Escort Diary: What Men Want


This may come as a shock, but a significant proportion of men who meet a  London Asian Escort,want more than just quick sex. So many customers are not motivated by sexual gratification alone. They want intimacy of a more emotional kind; cuddling,  french kissing, talking – they want to be held, massaged, soothed. We talk about the  GE (girlfriend experience)in our industry and so many men crave this. If I had £10 for every customer who called our agency asking for a “genuine GE”, I would be a very rich girl. I haven’t got the exact stats on this – we have not done a detailed survey/analysis of customer behaviour – but I imagine that thirty per-cent, maybe more, of our customers are less interested in a “quick shag” and more inclined to spend more time just ‘being with’ a girl. Of course, there are men who just want a f*** and that’s it. No emotional involvement. Just ‘wham bam – thank you maam’ and some of them don’t even say thank you. Others have more ‘exotic’ requirements, which we won’t get into here, while some don’t want anything other than a conversation. I know a lovely, successful, married man who visits one of our girls every week. I understand from the girl that the man just likes to lie on the bed and talk about his problems. The girl listens. They have a friendship and this is obviously important to this man. Maybe he feels safe, unfettered by the potential complexity of more formal relationships; lets face it no-strings companionship with a beautiful girl has its plus points. We (the London Asian Escort business) provide a wonderful service, which is much much more than some people imagine it is.

By Sophia Soko