How to Become an Asian Escort in London, UK

UPDATED JUNE 2015: We are reposting this article due to the current supply-demand issue facing the escort industry in London. According to a recent survey by Oriental Girlfriend, the Asian escort and massage service, numbers of escorts working in the Asian escort industry have decreased by 25% in the past 12 months. Odda Ganesa, the CEO of Oriental Girlfriend, told Sexy Asian Girls, there is a ‘significant’ shortage of Chinese, Japanese and Korean escorts in the UK.  “While agencies like Young Asian Escorts are reporting increases in the number of Asian students applying for escort jobs, the reality for most Asian escort businesses in London is that demand currently exceeds supply,” Ganesa said. “There has been a tightening of visa rules, which is a contributing factor, but the biggest reason appears to be the recent boom in live webcam services.  Many girls are moving back to Asia to work from home for sex chat websites.”

How to Become an Asian Escort in London, UK

The Asian escort industry in the UK has been growing enormously over the last few decades; in that time it is a lot more professional and regulated. A large number of women are looking for work in the industry mainly because of the flexible working hours, large earning potential and ability to travel around the world.

Gone are the days where being an escort is considered as a taboo, the facts are it is a legitimate business that many women make a career out of and on average earn 70% more than if they were employed within a 9 to 5 job? So if you want to become a Asian escort and live in London and are enamoured by the kind of money escorts make, and if you want to become one, here are a few things you should know, consider and do.

Ask yourself – What are you getting into the world of Asian escorts for?

Ok for one second ignores the money and the lure of shopping in London for Prada handbags, this is a really important question that will decide how you will perform in your role as an escort.

Many think that becoming an Asian escort is the quickest way to make big money. Some come into the business hoping to meet people from around the world and enjoy their time with them. and although this is true be under no illusion that Everybody involved in or getting into escort services knows that sex is a big part of her work. This should be absolutely clear in your mind, and if you have any issues with this then becoming an Asian escort is really not for you.

So are you really ready to become a London escort?

You also should ask yourself whether you are ready to commit to becoming a London Asian escort. Like every other legitimate business, you need to be in the industry for some time to start seeing the kind of money that you dream of when you begin, you need to build up a client base and that means that you need to be committed for the long term. Do not think of yourself as a “escort” but instead a business women, and with that comes the responsibility of ensuring tax returns and business accounts are kept up to date, remember being a London Asian escort is 100% legitimate and therefore should be treated as such.

Glamour vs. Sex work in london

The biggest misconception is that many believe that an escort is just a glamorized version of a prostitute, but it is far from where the truth actually lies. As a sex worker you have no real client base or long term aim whereas the he client base for an Asian escort is completely different. You will meet “good” people, normally professional business men and you will be able to meet clients from all over the world. A lot of Asian escorts also travel with their clients to high profile parties, where you meet many more people from various backgrounds.

Although all of this sounds great you still have to ensure you are comfortable with having sex with your clients, because, although unofficially accepted your clients are paying you for sexual relations as part of the service. If you at all dubious about providing sexual services as well as the entertaining side then unfortunately your career as an escort will be very limited because there are a very small number of clients who just want your company for a brief period of time, especially when they are paying hundreds of pounds for it. If after reading all the above information on becoming an Asian escort you’re still convinced that this is the career for you then you can confidently go ahead with your decision to become a profession Asian escort in London.
But you must have 100% Flexibility to work as a Asian Escort

Ok so we are not talking about being able to get your body into various sexual positions instead about working hours. One of the main advantages of becoming an Asian escort is that after a while when you have built up a client base you can choose your working times, and hours to suit you. Clients you look after and provide a great service too will except most terms and will book within your chosen time frame. One famous case was a Asian escort called May, May was beautiful and intelligent and ran her business like a pro, she worked hard to build up a respectable client base and after 9 months decided she would only work from 6am till 1pm, now these hours are not the “average” working hours for an escort however because her clients wanted her so badly and wanted her company and intimacy the accepted. Trust me there were a lot of high powered London business men that were not showing up in their offices till after lunch.

Part time is just fine to become a wealthy Escort in London.

Although without a doubt an Asian escort can be a profitable and full time occupation many escorts work part time in addition to their regular work. The good thing about this is they keep the security of the day job whilst earning a lot of money in the evenings. Some escorts prefer to stay in employment for the first 6-12 months whilst they build up a regular client base.

The Asian girls that earn the most money are the girls that are flexible with timings, it works massively in their favour because they have the choice of a greater number of potential clients and will mostly be assured an appointment. The important thing to remember is that you are in control, you always have a choice and the decision is always yours. You decide how much you want to earn and then set your work hours according to that goal.

Honesty and Family and friends

One of the biggest downside to becoming an escort is the decision to keep everything to yourself or telling your family and loved ones. As parts of your role as an Asian escorts you know that you will be having sex frequently with strangers in your work as an escort in London. Some families accept this however some do not, this could be a contentious issue with your family who will either not approve of it or will be concerned about your safety. The advice we give is that sometimes it’s good to have that support structure at home, and by having that will only make you stronger and ultimately a better escort. Although escorts are largely accepted as professionals please note it may still concern your family, the most common points that seem to concern most of family of our Asian escorts is that may be worried about the image you create for yourself around others, the safety of the job and the hygienic aspects of it.

The last thing you will want is that you don’t want your career as an Asian London escort to negatively affect your family relationships but similarly, consider whether you are ready to tell your friends about being an escort, and whether they will accept your choice. You may prefer to give the career a few months to ensure you are happy and content before you potentially put strain on relationships with friends and family. As with everything in life, it is a choice you make and there are some trade-offs. Now, it is completely possible that both your family and friends accept your choice and be fine with it; again the reality is you could also get disowned. I know this sounds very harsh but I think it is important to be totally transparent about this as this is one of the hardest choices that face all London escorts.

There are many escorts that simply do not reveal that they are escorts to their family and friends. Obviously this means they do not have to face the above dilemma. One plus side of the escort business is everything is very secret that means no personal information will be taken or given to clients or associates, there will be no personal information floating out there about you. Officially, there is no way for anybody to know that you had sex with your clients. You could just put your profession forward as a clean one, this choice is yours.

When you are an escort in London you never reveal much information about yourself to even your clients. Most escorts use aliases when they meet clients and we always recommend adopting this approach. The smart escorts and actually the rich ones, keeping all personal information safe and adopting a character as opposed to being “yourself”.

Your personality is the key to a 5 figure income

Although escort work involves sex, and as a Asian escort you will be expected to indulge your clients sexual fantasies it doesn’t mean that just about anybody with a cute face can become a successful one. We have already mentioned this earlier, being an escort especially an Asian escort is much more than just sex. Clients that book Asian escorts expect a level of intellect and conversion there is no way you can just sell yourself purely on how you appear, although that is important. Remember you are accompanying your client to various places. Your client may be a high profile businessman with prestige in his industry and will want to show you off to colleagues and clients, this means having the ability to mix in a kinds of circles.

When you accompany such a high level client, you are part of his image and how you handle yourself among other high profile people matters a lot. The escort business is very much a “people” business and you need to know how to handle people and how to communicate with them effectively. The perfect Asian escort should enhance your client’s image and social standing, which will make him happy, regular and he might willingly pay you more.

As we have mention aesthetics is an important part and of course it matters how good you look. However, you need your whole body to be in shape. Start watching you diet, join a gym and generally knock the smoking and heavy drinking on the head. Although a sexy figure will entice more clients and money to you if you have the perfect figure but cannot lose that frown on your face you will want to reconsider your choice. Take it from us that don’t make your client happy. This is why many escorts feel that you should become an escort only if you are happy and comfortable doing so. There is an old saying beauty is only skin deep and this is very try with the world of Asian escorts as If you have a certain comfort level, you will be more confident and will come across as a beautiful person for company. Ultimately this means repeat business and more money in your pocket!

Some of the really good escorts have almost a second role, that of a P.A. People who hire escorts on a regular basis know what the really good escorts are like and they will pay serious money for that. If you are looking to attract the clients that pay big money, you need to convince them that you have the required skills and that is more than in the bedroom. Sometimes your work could also involves answering calls for your client and doing some basic paperwork, so that he can concentrate on more important things…you.

What type of person makes a perfect Asian Escort?

The type of people that succeed in this line of work a people that have a very strong nature and are independent with the ambition and drive to succeed. If you are that type of person then an escort job will suit you just fine. Remember another key to earning the big money is to listen and research. Although the sex is important you have to remember you are entering into a kind of relationship with your clients and as with all relationships a mutual love of similar subjects is very important. For example if you have a client that is into the arts and wants to discuss this with you then you need to research the topic, we have had Asian escorts that have spent 30 minutes in the bedroom and 10 hours just talking, the longer you keep them entertained the more money you make. Asian escorts in London are some of the best paid in the industry, the Asian escort industry is niche and clients will pay top money for the pleasure of beautiful and intelligent women.

Should I join an Asian escort agency or go it alone?

It is up to you to decide that what is best for you but you should be aware of the pros and cons of both the arrangements and be very careful about your safety. In case you want to join an agency, please choose a more prominent agency listed in the directory and contact them for employment otherwise list your profile directly and get started. We run a very successful and professional agency in London offering only the finest Asian escorts to the only the finest clients, please feel free to have a look at our website and get in touch should you have any further questions, the website address.

Is this Legal in the UK?

The last and more important thing that you should note about an escort agency business is that it is completely legal in the UK. To run a successful Asian escort business you just have to follow the rules and run your business in a systematic manner the same as you would any business. If you fall foul of the law, it is probably because you weren’t aware of all the rules so please do your research the internet is full of loads of fantastic resources to help people with the same decisions to make as you.

To close…
I hope that the information above has helped and that by reading it, your choice of whether to become an escort is now a little clearer. I personally wish you all the very best of luck and hope that whatever decision you reach is one you are happy and content with.

All the very best!