Asian Escorts in London – A Roadmap to Better Sex.

Rediscover These Two Monthly Activities That Boost Your Happiness Hormones

1. Have an Asian Massage in Earls Court. 2 Enjoy Asian escorts in London.

Now that life is returning to normal and we are no longer prisoners in our own homes, men and women are once again indulging in the intimacy of erotic touch – whether through massage session or something more involved e.g. spending time with an escort.

And rightly so! After month of lockdown, deprived of normal healthy adult activity, it’s good to let one’s hair down, or so to speak, and enjoy life again. It’s good for the body and good for the soul – and that is scientifically proven.

OXYTOCIN is a hormone that makes us feel bonded, ‘facilitating’ the release of two key brain chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, which both affect mood.

Just 15 minutes of massage cause oxytocin levels to rise by 17 per cent. Hugging and kissing also stimulate oxytocin production.

If you want to be stroked and soothed and sent on your way – with or without a happy ending, then massage with one of our Asian Escorts in London offer more than just relaxation.

And if you’re wanting to switch things up from your standard full-body massage, then our Chinese, Japanese and Korean escorts in Earls Court offer a wonderful array of services.

There are many benefits to having more sex. Higher rates of sexual activity are linked to positive changes, such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, greater intimacy, and even a lower divorce rate.

So come on ladies and gentlemen, don’t be shy and don’t neglect your wellbeing – have an Asian Massage in Earls Court and Enjoy Asian escorts in London book one of our lovely ladies today.

Asian Escorts in London Asian Escorts in London