“A Courtesans’ Pleasure” Part 2


And here is Part 2 of “A Courtesans’ Pleasure”  (from An Exotic Escorts Diary). My favourite part of the ‘story’…. “The lashes of his tongue, the rhythms and strokes, on my pussy are perfectly synced to my likings. Once he was back at my inner thighs, I was flooded with wetness. I feel his warm, strong tongue taste me. Inside out, around, up and down, sucking, dipping inside and out. ” OMG I’m blushing. Love Kendy

“I must admit that it’s quite a flattering feeling when someone is thinking about different ways of making me come.

First it was, “How can I make you squirt?” Then later, he said, ”I’ve ordered some toys for you..”

Sex toys — in this case, toys that catered to my orgasm. My enthusiasm for toys is mixed — they can be fun occasionally, but they have no comparison to the natural warmth of two bodies giving pleasure. Nevertheless, I love to explore….

The meeting commenced. Our scents were exchanged and inhaled, which trickled the first drops of arousal. Soft kisses at the lips began, which then he proceeded to my neck and ears…

A bag of ‘goodies’ was brought. Yet before the toys got put to use, he performed his beautiful oral seduction on my body. Head to toes, and literally everywhere in between, I become polished by his lips and tongue. He loves to lick and taste, which is perfect for me because I love to be licked and tasted. He lays down adjacent to my feet, where he moans as my soft polished toes enters his mouth. I can see his whole sexy body while he’s at my feet –tight, hard. I feel utterly relaxed, as my feet are being pampered and massaged against his burning warm face. I’m craving for his hardness, I want to lick and taste him too. But he insists to focus on slowly teasing my body. After all, it gives him pleasure to tease me..

He then asked, shyly, “Would you like to try the toys?” I smiled, and knodded yes.

He pulled out the small pinky-size vibrator, small enough for tiny, sensual spots. He placed it on my one of my nipples, slowing teasing. On my other nipple, he sucked and licked softly. He went through delicious intervals of sucking my breasts, then applying vibration. His tongue circles one of my nipples, then underneath my breasts, then back up, suckling softly….whilst his hands caress the other one. I’m starting to melt.

His face got to my panties, which were soaked. Very wisely, he doesn’t dive in to dine right away. He wants to seduce first. This time, he didn’t take off my panties immediately. He spread my legs slowly, and kissed my inner thighs. He licked the sides of my panties. Then, his tongue glided to the middle of my panties, right over my seeping wetness. The anticipation drove me crazy, as I was silently begging him to pull my panties off. Of course, this was his tactic — to drive me crazy. He, then, slowly pulled my panties off,……pulling them off my hips, down my legs, where my panties are nearly gliding off my feet. As my panties dangled on my feet, he saw my pretty pink toes and anklet. As mentioned, he particularly loves my feet, so he goes back to kissing them and sucking them. While my feet meet his lips again, he covers my pussy with his warm hands. He then kissed me all the way back up to my inner thighs…opening me up, and discovering the magic he’s done.

His tongue is exceptionally warm compared to others. The lashes of his tongue, the rhythms and strokes, on my pussy are perfectly synced to my likings. Once he was back at my inner thighs, I was flooded with wetness. I feel his warm, strong tongue taste me. Inside out, around, up and down, sucking, dipping inside and out. What I love most is how we both moan when I’m climaxing.

But this time, we had toys accommodating us. We first tried the toy that specialized in gspot stimulation. He slowly inserted the toy inside of my wet, warm haven. Slowly in and out, he stimulated me from inside. While he used the toy to fuck me, he simultaneously licked my brimming ‘pearl.’ I felt myself squeezing the toy inside me, while melting in the feeling of his warm mouth. I wanted to squirt out my pleasure when I was coming, but I didn’t ….this time. Still, however, it was bliss.

The second round, we tried another toy. A vibrator, bigger than his own. He opened my legs and put it inside me slowly. He was gentle and slow, but I instructed him to be harder, faster, deeper. I love how my pussy is his haven, a playground. I lay there, open, exposed. He’s looking, feeling, touching, kissing. Watching my face. Watching my reactions. My moans. My shakes. While I’m climaxing, I open my eyes to see his aroused face looking at me, or looking at my body. He’s biting his lips, he’s moaning, he’s brimming with hardness …. this makes want to cum more intensely.. which I did.

This lovely boy has impressed me dearly, but he is not the only client who gives pleasure…pleasure that I crave..

I meet with the Sheik shortly after, and I’m filled with desire from my encounters with other men. My love for the Sheik never subsides, as everything about him turns me on. I cuckold him, telling him about the young client and his talents. I showed him my new toys, and explained how they were used on me. He hates to hear it, but he knows it arouses me to tell him.

His hardness was throbbing. Such a beautiful erect manhood he has, which looks and smells so delicious that it beckons me to suck, taste, and lick it. I want to feel it all over me. My sheik’s skin has such an alluring scent. I kiss his body for my own pleasure.

After seducing him, I take his fingers and put them between my legs. He already knows what to expect. He knows how wet I get from kissing his delicious, hairy body. I especially love to tease his shapely ass.

When I see his hardness, full and erect, I remember why I first fell in love with him….yes, his size is perfect…….

To be continued..

By Sophia Soko